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Register to the Board.


Table of Contents

On this page the following topics will be treated:

How it works

Alternatively: Guest User Account

If you encounter problems


How it works

You can register to the board, if you click on the Login area next to the left border and use the Sign Up function then.

Please note, that you only need to enter your email address, a username (User ID) which not has yet been taken by somebody else and a password.

Please do not use a protected name as username.

Your email address will be verified during the registration process, as we send (automatically within seconds or minutes) a link to your email box, which has to be activated by you. Please make sure, that you enter your email address correctly during registration.

If you do not like to click directly on a link within an email, you can also use the account activation code which has been sent to you within the same email. To do so please click on "Login" on the left side of our site and then on the follow up page on "Activate Account". Please follow the instructions. You can call "Activate Account" also directly here.

Alternatively: Guest User Account

If the registration process is too complicated or even not save enough for you (eg. because you don't trust us), then you can also participate in our board with a guest user account.

With a guest user account you can create new messages or respond to already existing postings, but many functions (eg. search) of the board are not to your disposal.

Also you cannot open pages or execute functions outside of the board, which have been reserved for our registered users.

You can find more information about the guest user account here.

If you encounter problems

If there are problems during verification of your registration (eg. because you did not receive an email or this was deleted as spam), then please simply send us an email. We are then able to activate your account manually..


We assure you, that we will keep your personal data confidential. Especially we will not forward your email addresses to other persons or companies and we also will not send unsolicitated advertisment emails to you. The verification of your email address is for legal reasons and for the protection of other persons. We want to prevent with this that somebody enters an email address by error which does not belong to him but to somebody else.

Data which has been entered into one of our forms (eg. your registration data, but also your messages in the board) will be sent to us over the Internet withou any encryption (we currently do not use SSL). Theoretically other people with sufficient expertise and possibilities could read the communication between you and us. We recommend therefore not to use passwords which are business critical for you.

We store your user data (user profile) into a database, to which only administrators of this website have access to. Please note, if you enter messages into the board, other users of the board will be able to read your username and, if you have choosen so, also your email address. We generally recommend not to register with your real name but to use an alias name instead.

Your email address - if you decided in your settings for public view - is within your postings readable for SPAM robots in the Internet. You may therefore receive unsolicitated advertisment emails (also named "junk" or "spam" mails). Usually the server is located in a foreign country far outside your legal zone. Our recommendation therefore is: Do not decide for public view of your email address.

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Monday, 06. February 2023

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