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Monday, 06. February 2023

Online Migraine Calendar.


Table of contents

On this page the following topics will be treated:

What can the Migraine Calendar do for you?

Registration required

Quick Date Selection

Create, edit or delete entries

Extended Date and Report Selection

Reporting of Migraine and Drug Load

Generate Migräne Load Image

What can the Migraine Calendar do for you?

The migraine calender of migraeneinformation.de allows you to enter your migraine attacks and to evaluate their severity by a level between 1 and 10.

The evaluation of the pain is subjective, but you should try to correspond the selected values to the common medical pain scale:

  •   0 = no pain
  •   2 = light pain
  •   4 = gnawning, unpleasant pain
  •   6 = impairing, miserable pain
  •   8 = intensive terrible pain
  • 10 = worst possible unbearable pain

Additionally you can enter, how many pain killers (independently of what type) you have taken during the attack.

With your entered data the Migraine Load and the Pain Killer Load will be calculated. 

Besides from that you can store events (eg. holidays, pregnacy, work changes etc.) and measures (eg. changes in the intake of your daily medication, start of a diet etc.), which you can later relate to the development of your migraine load curves.

Reporting of migraine and pain killer load is possible over long time periods (even several years). The data can be condensed and displayed by day, by week, by month or by week day, which may allow you to detect hidden relations within the data.

In co-operation with your physician you may control, if and how successful a special therapie is. Also it may be helpful to show your physician on paper, how severe your pain really is. All reports can be printed by using the "Print result page" function.

Registration required

The usage of the migraine calendar is reserved for registered users of migraeneinformation.de.

To register, please use our Sign Up function.

You will find additional information here to request an account for migraeneinformation.de.

Please note, that the there mentioned guest user account is not sufficient to use the migraine calendar.

After successfully signing up please login into migraeneinformation.de by using the Login function on the left side or just click here.

Quick Date Selection

Before you can enter a migraine attack or an event, you must select a report time period. This can be done easily by using the "quick date selection".

In this area you can click on months, weeks or days, whereby the corresponding time period will be selected and activated.

The default is the current month. If you first open the migraine calendar, always the current months has been selected as time period.

Create, edit or delete entries

If you choose with the "Quick Date Selection" eg. a single week, you will get a view with the already entered migraine attacks and events of that week..

In front of every row of the view appear the 2 icons  to administer migraine attacks and to administer events/measures.

If you click on one of the 2 symbols, you can create, edit or delete the corresponding entries.

Extended Date and Report Selection

With the "Externded Date and Report Selection" you can enter arbitrary time intervals (even over years) and can choose from various report options.

Especially you can define

  • how the data should be condensed (by day, week, month, week day),
  • whether events/measures or the drug load should be shown and 
  • whether the migraine load should be summarized per time interval or whether there should appear a detailed chart of the pain per hour of day.

Reporting of Migraine and Drug Load

After selection of the options in the "extended date and report selection" the migraine status due to the chosen criteria will be shown.

The following images eg. shows the migraine and pain killer load over 1 month condensed to week days.

The following image shows as an example the pain level and the drug load over one months condensed to monthly data.

Generate Migräne Load Image

Additionally you can generate an image, which gives a quick overview about the migraine load of the current and the last month. This image can even be copied into postings or signatures of discussion boards to easily show to others how the current status of your migraine load is.

An example of such an image is the following:

To generate your migraine load image please click here.

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