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Wednesday, 01. February 2023

Online Trigger Calendar.


Table of contents

On this page the following topics will be treated:

What can the Trigger Calendar do for you?

Trigger and Causes

Registration required

Usage of Migraine Calendar is required

Trigger Administration

Date Selection for the Trigger Event Entry

Create, edit, duplicate or delete trigger event entries

Report Selection

Reporting of Triggers

What can the Trigger Calendar do for you?

The trigger calender of migraeneinformation.de allows you to enter your personal migraine triggers and to evaluate them.

Reporting of migraine triggers is possible over long time periods (even several years). You can define the time period, in which a trigger may be seen as responsible for a migraine attack. By changing this time period ("Trigger delay") you may detect some hidden relations within the data.

The reports can show, how often a trigger preceeds a migraine attack within the "trigger delay" and how large the percentage of success was.

If for instance

  • you want to report one month (reporting period),
  • you have defined "red wine" as a trigger,
  • you have drunken red wine at 4 evenings within the reporting period and
  • the trigger "red wine" was 3 times within the defined trigger delay period,

then the reports will show, that the trigger "red wine" was possibly 3 times responsible for a migraine attack and that the efficiency of the trigger was 75%.

Trigger and Causes

In this context a word of warnings:

Very often there is no clear separation between triggers and causes.

The trigger calendar of migraeneinformation.de analyzes exclusively for triggers, not for causes.

It is quite well known, that a lot of migraine sufferers get migraines during times of reduced trigger intensitivity, eg. in the middle of the night. Frequently this happens even then, when several days before there was no event, which could be made responsible for the nightly attack.

A trigger is always something, which starts something else. If you take for instance a sun bath and you suffer from sun burning afterwards, the sun bath was the trigger for the sun burn. Very often you can hear the theory, that you have to omitt your triggers and then you don't suffer anymore, which may be true for sun burning. But very often that seems to be not true for migraine.

A lot of symptoms may also be produced because the body counteracts on something. A lot of alcoholics get symptoms if they did not drink alkohol for several hours. A glas of alkohol may improve the symptoms immediately. Nevertheless it may be a false conclusion to assume, that the missing alkohol was the trigger of the symptoms. Because in the end, the alkohol was the cause.

Registration required

The usage of the trigger calendar is reserved for registered users of migraeneinformation.de.

To register, please use our Sign Up function.

You will find additional information here to request an account for migraeneinformation.de.

Please note, that the there mentioned guest user account is not sufficient to use the trigger calendar.

After successfully signing up please login into migraeneinformation.de by using the Login function on the left side or just click here.

Usage of Migraine Calendar is required

The usage of the trigger calendar requires that you enter your migraine attacks into our migraine calendar.

You will find the migraine calendar here.

Trigger Administration

When using the trigger calendar of migraeneinformation.de you must first define your personal triggers. Of course you could have other triggers. But the reporting tools can only search for triggers you have defined.

Currently you can enter triggers in 3 different categories:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Others

Typical triggers could be:

  • Red wine (Beverages)
  • Cheese (Food)
  • Oranges (Food)
  • Beer (Beverages)
  • Decrease of air pressure (Others)
  • Exposure to sun (Others)
  • Ovulation (Others)
  • etc.

You can create, edit, duplicate, delete and merge triggers. If you for instance have created the triggers "coffee" and "cappuccino" you may decide somewhen to merge the trigger "cappuccino" with the trigger "coffee".

Date Selection for the Trigger Event Entry

You do not enter triggers into the trigger calendar of migraeneinformation.de but "trigger events". Trigger events are events, to which one or more triggers can be assigned. An example of such a trigger event is eg. "dinner with friends". May be you drink beer and red wine and eat cheese during this event, then you would have to assign these triggers to the trigger event.

Before you can enter a trigger event, you must select a time period. This can be done easily by using the "date selection".

In this area you can click on months, weeks or days, whereby the corresponding time period will be selected and activated.

The default is the current month. If you first open the trigger calendar, always the current months has been selected as time period.

Create, edit, duplicate or delete trigger event entries

If you choose with the "Date Selection" eg. a single week, you will get a listing with the already entered trigger events of that week..

In front of every row of the view appears the icon to administer trigger events.

If you click on the symbol, you can create, edit, duplicate or delete the corresponding entries.

If you create or edit a trigger event, you can assign triggers to it.

The assignment of triggers to trigger events is maintained while duplicating trigger events. If you do an activity regularly and this activity is connected to 3 different triggers, you can simply duplicate an already existing trigger event of this activity without having to assign the triggers once again.

Report Selection

With the "Report Selection" you can enter arbitrary time intervals (even over years) and set the so called "trigger delay".

The reporting intervall determines, about which time interval migraine attacks, which had been entered by the migraine calender, will be analyzed for triggers.

The trigger delay will be entered in days and hours (in the example: 2 days and 0 hours, which corresponds to 48 hours). The trigger delay determines, that a trigger event is seen as possibly responsible for a migraine attack, if it happened before the migraine attack within the trigger delay time.

Reporting of Triggers

After selection of the options in the "report selection" the trigger report due to the chosen criteria will be shown.

The triggers will be listed with the counts, how often the may be reponsible for a following migraine attack, in descending sequence.

Also it will be shown in percent, how reliable a trigger may have started a following migraine attack.

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