Kalkulator berechnet die Kosten für Migräne im Unternehmen [Allgemein]
11 Mär 05

Calculating Migraine Costs No Longer a Headache

Ever wonder about the prevalence of migraine headaches and what they are costing your company?

A Web-based "migraine calculator" unveiled Thursday purportedly can help employers estimate the incidence of migraine, its impact on their workforce, and even the potential savings their companies can realize by helping employees get treatment.

The calculator was introduced at the Institute for Health and Productivity Management conference in Orlando.

Created by a healthcare consulting firm and a pharmaceutical industry association, the calculator clearly seems designed to prod employers and employees to actively pursue migraine treatments, particularly with a class of drugs called triptans. Triptans are described as a migraine-specific class of drugs that do not prevent migraine headaches but are intended to stop a migraine attack after it has started.

"Migraines rob millions of Americans of the ability to live normal lives and to do their work," said Billy Tauzin, president and CEO of PhRMA, an association of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. "Treatments needed to end the suffering and give people their lives back are readily available.

"The migraine calculator lets employers see how they can boost productivity by helping employees suffering from migraines get the treatment they need," Tauzin said.

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