Langjährige Migräneerkrankung beeinträchtigt geistige Fähigkeiten nicht [Allgemein]
25 Aug 05

4 kognitive Vergleichstests in verblindeter Studie zeigten keine signifikanten Unterschiede

Little is known about the long-term consequences of migraine for cognitive functioning. This study compared older migraine patients with matched controls on four measures of cognitive ability, in a blinded design. Migraine patients and case-matched controls were recruited from the database records of a pre-existing study of ageing. Data were available from four tests of cognitive ability: verbal/arithmetic problem solving, spatial problem solving, processing speed, and vocabulary. There were no significant differences between the mean scores of migraine and control groups on any of the four cognitive tests. In addition, there were no significant differences between migraine and control groups in the effect of age on any of the four tests. A long history of migraine does not compromise scores on the four cognitive tests used in this study. These tests are predictive of memory and executive functioning in cognitive ageing, but it remains possible that lower-level cognitive processes, particularly as assessed by visual tasks, may be vulnerable to migraine.

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